Absolut Encoders

Fritz Kübler GmbH offers a wide range of BiSS products which are used already in various applications. Different BiSS service options are also available.

Absolute Encoder Multiturn AEM 30

The Absolute Encoder Multiturn AEM 30 provides a singleturn resolution of up to 12 bit and a multiturn resolution of up to 24 bit with the BiSS Interface. The compact encoder permits RESET for zero position, the selection of the rotational direction and up to 8,000 RPM.

Absolute Encoders

Baumer offers the BiSS interface for all encoders based on their main encoder platform. Formerly all Baumer encoders are BiSS interfacable.

AksIM™ rotary absolute encoder module

AksIMTM is a non-contact high performance off-axis absolute rotary encoder designed for integration into space-constrained applications. A hollow ring, true absolute functionality and high speed operation make this encoder suitable for many applications.

The AksIMTM board level encoder is specifically designed for integration into applications where there is no space for the classic AksIMTM readhead with T-shaped housing. An external case (provided by the customer) must serve as environmental protection of the encoder.

AMOSIN © Angular Measuring Systems

Absolute AMOSIN-angle measurement systems are available for both inside and outside diameter ring scale scanning, based on our Inductive measuring principle.
Standard diameters from 80 mm to 652 mm are currently available with non-standard sizes possible. Measurement accuracy of
< 10 μm is standard and higher accuracy of
< 5 μm or < 3 μm is optional.


POSITAL’s kit encoders with BiSS provide up to 17 bit electrical resolution and energy harvesting based (Wiegand effect) multiturn position measurements with no need for backup batteries or complex gear systems.

EAC50 Series with BiSS-C interface

High resolution absolute single turn BiSS-C protocol EAC50 series encoder have good performance on anti-mechanical damage and can withstand high axial and radial load. The series products adopt unique mechanical design to bear mechanical load generated by high speed motor. The encoders adopt advanced signal processing technology to realize precise signal output under the speed of 10000rpm. Meanwhile, thanks to high-precision optical sensing technology, the resolution can be up to 18bits.


RESOLUTE ™ is a true absolute, fine pitch optical encoder system with 1 nm resolution and 100 m/s maximum speed.

Series 21 Absolute Encoder with BiSS

Allied Motion’s Series 21 hollow shaft optical encoders that provide high data rate capabilities with BiSS. The cost effective Series 21 provides significant performance benefits with high bandwidth and noise immunity ensure excellent speed, stability, command signal response and easy mounting in industrial environments.