BiSS Interface License Agreements

The BiSS Interface protocol is developed by iC-Haus GmbH and introduced as an Open-Source Interface; the IPs, registered trademark and label BiSS and the Source Codes of IPs are licensed in different ways:

At least the simple BiSS Interface User license Agreement (BUA) is required for applications using integrated circuits with embedded BiSS Interface from a licensed manufacturer.

Rules for protection of the Open-Source BiSS-Interface (German version)

iC-Haus GmbH is the holder of the German patent DE 10310622 B4 (BiSS-C patent). The process claims of this patent protect the use of the BiSS-C protocol. With the purchase of ICs with implemented BiSS-C interface from iC-Haus GmbH or a licensed manufacturer you do not receive a license to use the BiSS-C Patent. iC-Haus GmbH reserves all rights regarding the BiSS-C Patent.
iC-Haus GmbH is willing to enable all purchasers of such ICs to use the BiSS-C protocol free of charge in the framework of the BiSS-C patent. Therefore it is necessary to sign the BiSS-User Agreement (BUA) to get a free of charge license of the BiSS-C patent.

Despite this iC-Haus GmbH will not assert the BiSS-C Patent against purchasers of the ICs in regard of the use of the BiSS-C interface with the purchased ICs, as long as the purchaser, dominant shareholders of the purchaser or affiliates controlled by the purchaser do not file a revocation action regarding the BiSS-C Patent and do not assert a claim against iC-Haus GmbH or third persons in relation to the use of BiSS-B or BiSS-C interface. This is also applicable to the benefit or to the disadvantage of third persons, who buy the ICs from the purchaser.

Do you want to implement the BiSS-C protocol within your own ICs/IPs (FPGA, PLD, ASIC, DSP, MCU, Processor, ...) for the use in your self developed devices (for example encoders or sensors), it is with regard to the BiSS-C patent necessary to beforehand enter into the BiSS Device Manufacturer (BDM) Agreement. Insofar you aim to implement the BiSS-C protocol within your own ICs/IPs and sell them to other device manufacturers, it is relating to the BiSS-C patent mandatory to enter into the BiSS IC/IP-Provider (BICIPP) Agreement.

How to license BiSS ?

To license BiSS fast and easy follow these steps:

  1. Contact us requesting a BiSS license
    iC-Haus GmbH
    Phone: +49-(0)6135-9292-0
    Fax: +49-(0)6135-9292-192
  2. You receive the appropriate BiSS license agreement from us
    (BDM, BiCIPP, BUA)
  3. Send back the filled out and signed license (first page)
  4. After your BDM or BiCIPP-License Agreement is confirmed by iC-Haus GmbH choose the required BiSS IP's You need