29.10.17 iC-Haus presents the BiSS Line: Open Source One-Cable-Technology in practice
iC-Haus presents the BiSS Line: Open Source One-Cable-Technology in practice VDMA forum, hall 3, booth 3-668, SPS/IPC/Drives 2017 Nuremberg, Wednesday 11:40 CET, 29.11.2017.
28.09.17 User Group founds BiSS Association as a Platform for the
Open Source BiSS Interface
On September 28, 2017, 11 members founded the BiSS Association, which hosts an internet platform where providers can share BiSS solutions. The BiSS Association will be represented at the SPS IPC Drives 2017 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.
11.09.17 BiSS, BiSS Line and BiSS Safety at SPS/IPC/Drives 2017 show
Meet the iC-Haus BiSS, BiSS Line and BiSS Safety application support at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2017 Nuremberg, November 28-30, 2017 Hall 3A, booth 269
30.05.17 Beckhoff presents 2-channel BiSS-C interface EL5042
EL5042 EtherCAT Terminal enables exact and fast positioning applications with BiSS C encoders and ensures high synchronicity to other processes by EtherCAT’s Distributed Clocks.
11.04.17 Electronica Mechatronic Systems presents the EMA21 Absolute Linear Magnetic Encoder
The new EMA21 offers 26 bit for up to 60m absolute and precise position with BiSS.
03.01.17 Open Source One-Cable-Technology Interface BiSS Line at the Praxisforum Elektrische Antriebstechnik
The BiSS Interface User Group defined BiSS Line for the first Open Source Interface in One-Cable-Technology.
iC-Haus presents BiSS Line at the Praxisforum Elektrische Antriebstechnik, Wednesday 15:40 CEST, 06. April 2017.
POSITAL’s kit encoders with BiSS provide up to 17 bit electrical resolution and energy harvesting based (Wiegand effect) multiturn position measurements with no need for backup batteries or complex gear systems.
23.11.16 BiSS, BiSS Safety, and BiSS Line logos including manual
iC-Haus releases PR media packages for BiSS, BiSS Safety, and BiSS Line.
All BiSS, BiSS Safety, and BiSS Line logo files including the BiSS logo manual (English and German).
16.11.16 BiSS Interface User Group defines BiSS Line for first Open Source Interface in One-Cable-Technologie
iC-Haus presents the BiSS Interface User Group definitions of BiSS Line for first Open Source Interface in One-Cable-Technologie: ZVEI forum hall 2 booth 2-509, SPS/IPC/Drives 2016 Nuremberg, Wednesday 16:00 CET, 23.11.2016.
15.11.16 Renishaw PLC offers BiSS support and services for its absolute encoders
RESOLUTE™ with BiSS is available in both linear and rotary (angle) encoder versions, compatible with a wide range of industry-standard controllers, drives, DROs and PC counter cards.
07.09.16 iC-Haus presents BiSS Safety Certification by TÜV.
BiSS Safety has been certified by TÜV Rheinland and can be used in safety applications up to SIL3 according to IEC61508:2010.
20.06.16 BiSS support tool from the Kübler Group
The BiSS support tool helps implementing a BiSS interface on the drive (master side). The box contains a BiSS encoder Sendix 5873 Motor-Line, a BiSS-to-PC Adapter (USB), Software for Windows PC, Analysis board, ready to use Adapter and cables.
15.06.16 Renesas simplifies industrial drives and robotics systems development supporting BiSS
Renesas Electronics announces the availability of a new reference solution focused on high-performance, real-time motion control applications. The new RZ/T1 CPU card kit supports a dual channel 3-phase inverter to support dual channel servo motor control with current and position feedback. Absolute encoder over BiSS®, EnDat© or A-format™ protocols and incremental encoder are supported.
14.04.16 Acute TravelBus PC-based, USB 3.0 interface/powered Protocol & Logic Analyzer supporting BiSS C and many more protocolls.
Acute TravelBus is a 2 in 1 Analyzer (Protocol & Logic) that is a PC-based, USB 3.0 interface/powered capable to perorm Bus analysis and checking for BiSS C and many more protocolls and including RS422, RS485 PHY.
Servotronix CDHD servo drives operate seamlessly with BiSS-compatible encoders and other devices
18.02.16 OPKON absolute rotary encoders with BiSS protocol
Opkon Optik Elektronik Kontrol San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. expands their encoder product range with the BiSS communications protocol.
12.02.16 High dynamic servo inverter for ultra-precision applications
Drive specialist TQ-Systems is supplementing its lineup of client-specific high-performance drive systems with the new RoboDrive brand SDB-40-100 universal servo inverter.
02.02.16 New Sendix 5873 Motor-Line with BiSS dedicated for elevator industry
Fritz Kübler GmbH launched the new BiSS product Sendix 5873 Motor-Line specially designed for direct drives in the elevator industry.
18.11.15 Fagor absolute linear and angular encoders with BiSS protocol
Fagor Automation further expands their offer with the BiSS communications protocol on their linear and angular encoders.
27.10.15 BiSSTRO: a versatile development tool for BiSS applications
The BiSSTRO BiSS interface can access a chain of BiSS devices, map pinnings and allows to monitor all BiSS signals with an oscilloscope or logic analyzer.
20.10.15 New BiSS Drives from the INTERLIFT 2015:
New BiSS Drives from ABB, ARKEL, Danfoss, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., KW-Aufzugstechnik GmbH, LiftEquip GmbH, CG Drives & Automation.
10.09.15 Fritz Kübler GmbH extended their BiSS support team and services.
Fritz Kübler GmbH extended their BiSS support team and services covering worldwide the full range of BiSS products for various applications.
10.09.15 Renesas Real-Time Processor Solutions with BiSS Interface
The Renesas RZ/T1 Real-Time Processor Solution is usable in Industrial Applications including the BiSS Interface.
10.09.15 Fritz Kübler GmbH released BiSS XML file.
The complete BiSS product range of Fritz Küber GmbH is covered by this new XML file.
10.09.15 KEB Combivert S6 - servotechnology in booksize format with BiSS
Servo technolgy in booksize format- ideal for perfect integration in packing maschines.
06.07.15 MCS-MEA-CUB: BiSS to EtherCAT
The Modular Control System Measurement System MCS-MEA-CUB provides BiSS to EtherCAT interface.
02.07.15 BiSS: OPEN SOURCE INTERFACE: open and communicative
The BiSS Interface moved mainstream with more than 350 manufacturer over the last 12 years.
15.06.15 New BiSS-Interface AN24: BiSS Data Transmission And Diagnosis
iC-Haus GmbH released the new BiSS-Interface Application Note 24 (German)
27.04.15 Renishaw wins a Queen's Award
for Enterprise Innovation for revolutionary absolute position encoder with BiSS interface
22.04.15 New BiSS C to PC-USB isolated high performance adapter
from iC-Haus GmbH
21.04.15 BiSS in Mikrosystemtechnik, Nano- und Biotechnik
17.12.14 Elmo NANO Servo Drive "Gold Twitter" with BiSS
Elmo provides with the new "Gold Twitter" a BiSS capable tiny yet mighty NANO Servo Drive!
03.09.14 TI Reference Design:
Interface to a 5V BiSS Position Encoder
02.09.14 New Transceiver iC supports BiSS bus structure/loopback + Encoder Link
The iC-Haus iC-HF is a new RS422 transceiver for industrial applications including BiSS encoder.
11.09.13 Altera Motor Control Reference Designs and Development Kit with the BiSS Interface
22.05.13 B&R servo drive with BiSS interface
The B&R ACOPOSmulti series drives are extended with the the BiSS interface for position encoder.
08.12.12 10th Anniversary of BiSS
Top News!
Open Source - Freedom to Operate
21.08.12 BiSS protocol anaylzer
With a Saleae logic analyzer and the iC-Haus BiSS Analyzer Plug-In BiSS communication can now be monitored easily.
14.04.11 BiSS-C adapts INTERBUS
That is the message of the iC-Haus article printed in the special issue of SPS-Magazin at HMI 2011. The paper describes the differences and simplifications of BiSS as opposed to INTERBUS, which after more than 20 years has become state of the art in patent-free technology.
05.01.11 Protura presents USB encoder interface
Protura presents the P201 USB encoder interface supporting BiSS C Unidirectional.
24.03.10 iC-Haus released new BiSS DLL version.
The DLL features automatic configuration of the BiSS chain via BiSS Identifier + XML file.
24.03.10 BiSS XML file capabilities extended.
With the updated data type definition (DTD) the XML files are able to carry more parameters.
25.01.10 B&R automation presents plug-in module
Bernecker + Rainer Industrie Elektronik Ges.m.b.H presents a plug-in module named ACOPOS including the BiSS interface.
02.11.09 iC-NQC: 13-bit Sin/D-Converter With Calibration featuring BiSS C interface
iC-Haus GmbH announces its new high resolution interpolation IC.
12.06.09 New: unidirectional version BiSS C
Protocol ready for download
26.05.08 BiSS Safety Rotary Encoder Profile
Detailed profile definition for Safety Rotary Encoder with BiSS.
19.09.07 iC-Haus releases BiSS Standard Rotary Encoder Profile description
The new BiSS Standard Rotary Encoder Profile description is now available to download (English and German PDF)
19.06.07 Hengstler updated BiSS XML file
Hengstler updated the XML file with all BiSS device configurations.
26.05.07 BiSS Standard Rotary Encoder Profile
Detailed profile definition for Standard Rotary Encoder with BiSS.
09.12.06 LIKA released BiSS XML file
LIKA Electronic released the XML file with all BiSS device configurations.
01.05.06 New BiSS support associate
Mr. Hepp joined the iC-Haus applications engineering team and specializes in BiSS applications and related software tools.
01.02.05 Operate your BiSS Sensor from a PC!
Ready-to-use BiSS PC adapters are now available for the PC-USB and PC-LPT port (Win 98/ME, 2000/XP)
15.11.04 A New BiSS Slave: iC-LG
By date of the electronica 2004 the iC-LG system-on-chip position encoder has been introduced by iC-Haus.
28.10.04 Setting up BiSS Communications
Application Note AN2 now gives recommendations on setting up a BiSS master-slave communication.
10.10.03 BiSS Interface Master iC-MB3 now available
Now on sales, the single-chip BiSS / SSI interface controller iC-MB3.
06.08.03 BiSS Goes Networking!
Application Note AN1 introduces network and interface plug recommendations.
04.11.02 Introducing the BiSS Interface
Nov, 2002: Finally an open digital interface for drive systems.