30.05.17 Beckhoff presents 2-channel BiSS-C interface EL5042 at Hannover Messe
EL5042 EtherCAT Terminal enables exact and fast positioning applications with BiSS C encoders and ensures high synchronicity to other processes by EtherCAT’s Distributed Clocks.
The 2-channel BiSS-C interface for direct connection of BiSS-C encoders is suitable for exact and fast positioning applications – with distributed clocks ensuring high synchronicity with other processes. Via unidirectional BiSS-C communication, the EL5042 sends as a master the clock signal for position detection to the BiSS-C slave (encoder), which returns the position data with up to 64-bit resolution. The EL5042 can be optimally adapted to different encoder types by selecting appropriate operation modes, transmission frequencies and frame widths.

The EtherCAT Terminal system is a modular I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks. The EtherCAT protocol remains fully intact down to the individual terminal. Beckhoff provides an extensive range of fieldbus components for all common I/O and fieldbus systems. The wide choice of I/O components means that the bus system best suited to the particular application can be chosen.

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