02.09.14 New Transceiver iC supports BiSS bus structure/loopback + Encoder Link
The iC-Haus iC-HF is a new RS422 transceiver for industrial applications including BiSS encoder.
iC-Haus GmbH announces its new RS422 line driver/transceiver iC supporting BiSS and Encoder Link.
For the first time ever the 6-Chan. RS-422 Line Driver/Receiver iC-HF provides BiSS bus structure, BiSS bus loopback and Encoder Link.
This transceiver provides the physical layer(PHY) for BiSS slaves in BiSS Point-to-Point, BiSS bus structures and a BiSS bus loopback.
iC-HF also provides the unique Encoder Link mode: analog switches to bridge 9 lines for bidirectional analog and digital signal.
This includes a BiSS interface access to devices that do not provide a BiSS interface in normal operation but with Encoder Link for calibration and reprogramming.

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