06.07.15 MCS-MEA-CUB: BiSS to EtherCAT
The Modular Control System Measurement System MCS-MEA-CUB provides BiSS to EtherCAT interface.
The Measurement System of the Robot Makers GmbH enables synchronous and distributed measuring with a variety of sensor systems.
All recorded data can be made available decentralized and in real-time via an EtherCAT interface.
Due to the modular design of the whole electronics, the Measurement System can be perfectly adapted to your needs and existing sensor systems.

The Measurement System is primarily characterized by a high measuring frequency of 20 kHz at a resolution of 16 bit.
Through the hardware-based implementation of the measurements by means of a powerful FPGA, the recorded values can be pre-processed or even charged in every sample.

Using the EtherCAT interface, also provides the ability to run multiple Measurement Systems decentralized, while getting centralized access to the measurements.
In this case, it is possible to achieve a synchronization accuracy of less than 1 microseconds. Further combinations of the interface-plug-in-cards are available on request.

Robot Makers GmbH

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