27.10.15 BiSSTRO: a versatile development tool for BiSS applications
The BiSSTRO BiSS interface can access a chain of BiSS devices, map pinnings and allows to monitor all BiSS signals with an oscilloscope or logic analyzer.
The BiSSTRO BiSS interface from PassWorld YK can access a single BiSS Point-to-Point device and also a chain of BiSS devices. BiSSTRO is completely transparent and allows to access all signals with an oscilloscope or logic analyzer. All input pins can be remapped to any output pin using an output remap matrix, allowing to comply with different DB9 pinouts. Three Resistive loads can be enabled for each of the MA, SLO, SLI pairs.
BiSSTRO can also be configured to RS232 with a single jumper In case of RS232, the remap matrix can be used to connect RX and TX together for loopback except the BiSS / RS232 configuration, all other jumpers are solder based.

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The solder based jumpers can also be used to map the standard iC-Haus BiSS adapters SUB-D9 pinning to the Renishaw Resoluteā„¢ SUB-D9 pinning.