Servotronix CDHD servo drives operate seamlessly with BiSS-compatible encoders and other devices
Servotronix, a leading provider of standard and customized motion-control automation solutions, today announced the adoption of the BiSS-C interface on its CDHD family of high-performance servo drives.

An open-source digital interface for sensors and actuators compatible with the universal Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI), BiSS operates synchronously—serially and cyclically—and communicates bi-directionally via two unidirectional lines. The BiSS-C interface corrects for disadvantages related to mode-setting in bidirectional interfaces caused by the interruption of a sensor data stream, particularly detrimental to fast digital control units in motor feedback systems.

Adopting the BiSS protocol enables Servotronix’s CDHD high-performance servo drives to work seamlessly with motors that depend on BiSS. Customers who have already invested in such motors can now take advantage of the high power density, simple commissioning, versatility and cost-effectiveness of Servotronix servo drives.

“We continue to expand the capabilities of our flagship CDHD servo drive family, delivering high-performance, cost-effective options to our customers,” stated Dr. Markus Erlich, Servotronix’s VP of Marketing. “Compliance with an ever-increasing set of interface standards enables our customers to adapt our drives and motion controllers to a growing variety of environments and applications.”

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About Servotronix: Servotronix Motion Control develops and manufactures standard and customized automation solutions with a focus on motion control. Over decades, the company has developed generations of high-performance servo drive families and motion-control solutions tailored to customer needs and designed to meet the form, fit, functionality, and cost specifications of a wide range of applications and industries. With a global customer base of leading machine builders and automation system suppliers, Servotronix’s guiding principles are to provide its customers with high-quality products, cost-effective solutions, and on-time deliveries.

For more information: Servotronix Motion Control Ltd., www.servotronix.com.