About BiSS Line

BiSS Line is a robust open-source one-cable technology for the established BiSS interface. It is fully compatible to all features implemented in BiSS C. While BiSS C typically uses an RS422 interface with a differential pair of wires for clock, another differential pair of wires for the data signal and two wires for power supply, BiSS Line only requires two wires for a combined power and data transmission using the RS485 half-duplex standard. Alternatively, power and data can also be transmitted separately over four wires reducing the required space for coupling elements on the PCB.
To ensure proper communication even in rough environments BiSS Line introduces a Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC). With its FEC data which has been corrupted during transmission can be corrected and data availability is increased. A huge advantage – especially in systems which are exposed to electromagnetic disturbances and on long transmission lines.

BiSS Line offers :

  • 2-wire and 4-wire communication
  • Open standard
  • RS485, half duplex, base band data transmission
  • Fast, serial, safe
  • Forward Error Correction
  • BiSS protocol based and fully compatible
  • Permanently bidirectional
  • Easy to apply for safety systems up to SIL3
  • Point-to-point
  • Multi-slave / Bus compatibility
  • Sensor interface
  • Compact and cost-effective

Typical BiSS Line Applications

  • Motion Control
  • Motor Feedback Systems
  • One-Cable Systems (e.g. one cable for both motor control and encoder feedback)
  • Rotary/Linear Encoders
  • Extension of BiSS C Systems
  • Robust Link for a Bidirectional MCU communication

Further Information

The BiSS Line Concept and the detailed BiSS Line Protocol Description are available in our Downloads section. A link to the webinar hold in April 2022 is available in our News section.