About BiSS Safety

BiSS Safety is an – Open Source – digital interface for sensors.
BiSS Safety is hardware and protocol compatible to the open industrial standard BiSS.

BiSS Safety offers functional safety features:

  • BiSS Safety profile extension for safety data communication
  • Easy to apply for systems up to SIL3
  • BiSS protocol based and fully compatible
  • Open standard
  • Sensor interface
  • Isochronous, real-time-capable data transmission
  • Fast, serial, safe
  • Permanently bidirectional
  • Point-to-point
  • Compact and cost-effective

Typical BiSS Safety Applications

  • Rotary encoder
  • Linear encoder
  • BiSS Safety drive
  • BiSS Safety watchdog
  • Safety relevant applications


The safety communication level “BiSS Safety” is certified by TÜV Rheinland and follows in extracts the requirements stated in IEC 61784-3:2011 and can be used in safety applications up to SIL3 according IEC 61508:2010.