Sensodrive GmbH

High-tech for your cobots, medical robots and force feedback applications

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About: Sensodrive is a German high-tech company specialising in the development of sensitive drive technologies. With many years of expertise from space research, the company develops and produces market-leading torque technologies and sensitive drives for industrial robots, medical robots and force feedback solutions.
  • Patented torque sensors
  • Torque-controlled complete drives (SensoJoints)
  • Force feedback solutions
As a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the company was one of the pioneers of human-robot collaboration in 2003 with its patented torque sensors. Sensodrive's expertise can now be found in almost all cobots worldwide. And in 2022, Sensodrive became the first company in the world to integrate the BiSS Interface into its torque sensors.


Sensodrive torque sensors

BiSS inside – Sensodrive torque sensors

Sensodrive has been developing market-leading torque sensors for cobots, medical robots and force feedback solutions. In 2022, Sensodrive is presenting the world’s first torque sensor with integrated BiSS C Interface.

  • Market-leading torque technology
  • Reliable quality made in Germany
  • Maximum precision
  • Simple integration into your products
  • Impressive cost efficiency