BiSS Interface

BiSS Safety

­BiSS Safety Concept

BiSS Safety profile for using BiSS Interface in safety-critical applications up to SIL3. The BiSS Safety Concept note provides an introduction to BiSS Safety. A detailed BiSS Safety profile description, implementation manual and residual error rate calculations can be purchased from iC-Haus GmbH.

BiSS Line

­BiSS Line Concept

BiSS Line is a one-cable technology for BiSS Interface and enables a robust power and data transmission over just two or four wires. The BiSS Line Concept note provides an overview of the protocol.

Application Notes


BiSS Application Note AN1: Recommended network configurations

BiSS AN 18

BiSS C protocol analyzer using logic analyzer and software from Saleae.

BiSS AN 21

BiSS CRC verification for microcontroller. Protocol and configuration CRC calculation including start value.

BiSS AN 22

BiSS C full protocol analyzer and protocol checker using logic analyzer and software from Acute.

BiSS AN 25

This BiSS Application Note describes various BiSS Safety system structures the function and their possibilities of use.

EDS and Profile Definitions


BiSS EDS Standard Encoder
Not recommended for new designs. Please refer to BiSS EDS.

BiSS Profile 1

BiSS BP1: BiSS Standard Rotary Encoder Profile 
Not recommended for new designs. Please refer to BiSS Profile 3.

BiSS Association

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