BiSS Interface License Agreement

BiSS Association e.V. is enabled to confer free of charge BiSS licenses to device manufacturers and BiSS users following GPL-rules (General Public Licence).

That BDM Agreement allows to use patents and trademarks free of charge for BDM and defines rights and duties for BDM to use and advertise the usage of BiSS.

The holder of the patent DE 10310622 B4 (BiSS C patent) and of the BiSS trademarks is iC-Haus GmbH. The patent protects the use of the BiSS protocol.

The purchase of ICs or devices with implemented BiSS interface from iC-Haus GmbH or licensed manufacturers or BDMs does not automatically include a license to use the BiSS C patent or to advertise usage of BiSS. iC-Haus GmbH reserves all rights regarding the BiSS C patent. Users of the BiSS Interface will have to apply for their own license.

An implementation of the BiSS protocol within own ICs/IPs (FPGA, PLD, ASIC, DSP, MCU, Processor, …) for the use in self developed devices (for example encoders or sensors), it is with regard to the BiSS C patent necessary to beforehand enter into the BiSS Device Manufacturer (BDM) Agreement. For implementation of the BiSS C protocol within own ICs/IPs for sales to device manufacturers (BDM), it is relating to the BiSS C patent mandatory to enter into the BiSS IC/IP-Provider (BICIPP) Agreement provided by iC-Haus directly.

How to license BiSS ?

To license BiSS fast and easy follow these steps:

  1. Contact us requesting a BiSS license
  2. As BiSS Device Manufacturer you receive the appropriate BiSS license agreement (BDMA) from us
  3. Send back the filled out and signed license (first page is sufficient)
  4. After your BDM-Agreement is confirmed choose the required BiSS IP’s You need
  5. For other licenses on ICs or IPs please refer to the offerings on our homepage and contact the supplier directly