Arteson Engineering Services

We specialize in Embedded Engineering services, the linked design and development of electronics and software.

Benefit from more than three decades of experience in industrial, medical, and academic environments, our quality education and a wealth of practical knowledge.

From software modules in C/C++ to devices based on RaspberryPi or BeagleBone, from Assembler to LabView, we develop agile standard-compliant solutions for you.

Know-how is offered for “last meter” bus protocols, such as BISS-C and IO-LINK, both in the software and physical domain.

In the past, we have also developed physical sensors (e.g. acoustic, inductive), including signal processing and data evaluation.

BiSS RT and HIL Support by Speedgoat

Speedgoat offers real-time solutions that work seamlessly with Simulink® and other MathWorks products, as well as services like on-site jump-start consulting, non-recurring engineering as well as factory and site acceptance testing (FAT & SAT). Typical applications include rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop.

BiSSTRO: a versatile develpoment tool for BiSS app

The BiSSTRO BiSS interface from PassWorlk YK can access a single BiSS Point-to-Point device and also a chain of BiSS devices.
BiSSTRO is completely transparent and allows to access all signals with an oscilloscope or logic analyzer.
All input pins can be remapped to any output pin using an output remap matrix, allowing to comply with different DB9 pinouts.
Three Resistive loads can be enabled for each of the MA, SLO, SLI pairs.
The solder based jumpers can also be used to map the iC-Haus BiSS adapters SUB-D9 pinning to the Renishaw Resolute SUB-D9 pinning.

BiSSTRO can also be configured to RS232 with a single jumper In case of RS232, the remap matrix can be used to connect RX and TX together for loopback Except the BiSS / RS232 configuration, all other jumpers are solder based.

Changchun Yuheng Optics Co., Ltd.

YHO BiSS Technical Support Officer: Mr. Wang Zhongjie
Tel: +86-431-85543765

YHO public E-mail address for BiSS technical support:

Content of YHO BiSS support:

  1. Help clients familiar with BiSS, and guide clients in using BiSS
  2. Provide technical documentation, IPs, reference design, technical consulting, on-site guidance and other technical support services
  3. Help clients to be licensee of open source BiSS Interface

Technical Support Engineer: Zhao Zhifang
Tel: +86-431-85543762

iC-Design GmbH

As external service providers our enginers have been developing integrated and, primarily digital circuits for over 10 years. We design field programmable gate arrays, gate arrays, structured arrays, and standard cell ICs.


iC-Embedded is a USA iC-Haus partner specializing in application of iC-Haus devices, design of complete circuit board solutions utilizing iC-Haus devices, and utilization and support of the BiSS Open Source protocol.

IP Module Support

As an engineering service company, we provide professional support for the entire development process from the transistor to the mouse. Whether custom hardware or programming of general purpose systems are required, iDPro is your competent and reliable development partner.

With several years of experience in industrial hardware and software development, we offer custom FPGA and PCB design as well as application specific programming in common languages close to the hardware level.

Additionally, we create responsive user interfaces to control and advertise the product by modern object-oriented GUI design on a PC or embedded device.

Being an official BiSS-C Support Center for iC-Haus GmbH, we advise system developers and implement integrated circuits equipped with the popular serial interface into hardware prototypes. Furthermore, we customize BiSS-C VHDL IP modules provided by BiSS Association e.V. to fit your individual systems.