BiSS Watchdog for RS422 with SPI:

iC-MCW is a BiSS C communication monitoring device including RS422-receivers. With iC-MCW it is possible to implement any additional safety features to extend a standard BiSS drive for example. BiSS clock and BiSS data lines are connected to the iC-MCW. The BiSS sensor and control communication is observed and sampled at maximum transmission rates of 10 MBit/s. The end of a received BiSS frame triggers an interrupt request to notify the microcontroller about new BiSS communication status and frame data. The microcontroller is connected to the SPI interface of iC-MCW and imports the BiSS frame data without disrupting the transmission between BiSS master and BiSS slave. The internal frame counter and detailed status and error information are available. Due to built-in clock generation, the chip does not need any external oscillators.


iC-RZ Series are optical Twin-Scan Encoder IC with Safety Channel

iC-RZ is based on the robust and compact EncoderBlue® technology using a 10-bit PRC disc of Ø 26.5 mm, 42.8 mm . It´s autonomous double-scanning with control (CC) and safety (SC) channels with a resolution of 15 bits (CC and SC) using flash interpolators provide a two position word data set. The Control channel (CC) with MT interface (ADI, SSI) and serial data output (BiSS) is pin-configured and uses BiSS for interfacing. The flexible safety channel (SC) with CRC monitored setup, OEM and user data provides signal monitoring, temperature sensing, MT interface (ADI, SSI). The SC serial data output is available with BiSS or SSI or SPI. CC and SC are compatible with BiSS Safety protocol.