BiSS C Protocol Description Revised

Within the last 20 years, BiSS has become a popular interface for fast, isochronous sensor data transmission. More than 600 licensees spread all over the world have already implemented BiSS C – and its user community is still growing.

We believe that the exceptional popularity of BiSS is a great reason to release a fundamental revision of the BiSS C Protocol Description with lots of improvements, new pictures and practical hints. Check the latest update of the

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BiSS Certified

In cooperation with ARTESON GbR in Hechingen (BW), Germany, the user organization BiSS Association e.V. has developed a system for certifying BiSS products.

Bogen’s “Absolute Starter Kit” with BiSS Interface

Bogen presents a starter set for a quick introduction to magnetic position and angle measurement technology: The Absolute Starter Kit contains a rotary and a linear scale, a sensor head that can be used for both scales and a programming interface for scale calibration via BiSS. Instructions and software are available for free download. The starter kit enables a simple and inexpensive entry into the world of absolute measuring technology in the μm range.
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BiSS Association e.V. grants 500th license

The open source interface BiSS continues to gain increasing popularity. The bidirectional sensor interface introduced by iC-Haus in 2002 has already been licensed 500 times free of charge and has established itself as a worldwide standard in encoder and drive technology.

BiSS Association e.V. particularly welcomes its 500th licensee MESCO Engineering GmbH. Continue reading

Functional Safety Seminar – an Introduction based on Requirement for Automation Drives

Functional safety is increasingly requested for drives. Safe Torque Off (STO) is now standard on many frequency inverters and servo drives. Safe motion and safety related field buses are an increasing demand. The technical basics of functional safety are explained in this seminar. This seminar is intended for designers and engineers involved in frequency inverter and servo drive design for automation. It assumes a working knowledge of electrical engineering basics and a familiarity with inverter design principles.

Lecture: implementation of a robust communication in motor feedback systems

The BiSS Association e.V. will present the lecture at the Praxisforum Elektrische Antriebstechnik in Würzburg, Germany.

Implementation of a robust communication in the motor feedback system with control, sensors, motor as a source of interference, cabling, less plug connectors.

It considers the industrial communication with the focus on the electric drive technology. The requirements of this communication and the current and current implementations as well as details, problems and possible solutions are considered. Here, the physics and mathematics of data transmission is used to compensate in particular the disturbances and inadequacies of the real world. Like any commercial solution, the costs and benefits must be taken into account. In addition, the topics standardization and feasibility are relevant.

The aim is to be able to evaluate the robustness of a communication with the framework conditions and solutions.
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 11:20 CET.
Speaker: Marko Hepp | BiSS Association e.V.

Praxisforum Antriebstechnik 2019

The lecture will be held in german language.

Miniature drives with BiSS

The brushless DC miniature and microdrives from FAULHABER use small absolute AESM encoder with BiSS interface for a robust and future-proof standard.
The AESM series absolute encoders from FAULHABER are very compact and fit even on miniaturised, brushless DC drives with a diameter of just 8 mm.

User Group founds BiSS Association as a Platform for the Open Source BiSS Interface

The open source BiSS interface has turned over a new leaf. The bidirectional sensor interface introduced by iC-Haus in 2002 has now been licensed over 450 times free of charge and has established itself as a worldwide standard in encoder and drive technology. BiSS is bus-compatible and is characterized by the continuous communication of sensor and parameter data, especially in efficient and fast motor control systems. The BiSS Safety protocol is TÜV-certified. Continue reading

Beckhoff presents 2-channel BiSS-C interface EL5042

The 2-channel BiSS C interface for direct connection of BiSS C encoders is suitable for exact and fast positioning applications – with distributed clocks ensuring high synchronicity with other processes. Via unidirectional BiSS C communication, the EL5042 sends as a master the clock signal for position detection to the BiSS C slave (encoder), which returns the position data with up to 64-bit resolution. The EL5042 can be optimally adapted to different encoder types by selecting appropriate operation modes, transmission frequencies and frame widths.

The EtherCAT Terminal system is a modular I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks. The EtherCAT protocol remains fully intact down to the individual terminal. Beckhoff provides an extensive range of fieldbus components for all common I/O and fieldbus systems. The wide choice of I/O components means that the bus system best suited to the particular application can be chosen.

See more about the Beckhoff EtherCAT I/O system.

Read more about the ultra-fast I/O system EtherCAT Terminals.

View detailed technical data of EL5042.

Electronica Mechatronic Systems presents the EMA21 Absolute Linear Magnetic Encoder

Electronica Mechatronic Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. presents the EMA21 Absolute Linear Magnetic Encoder, made in India for first time.

It supports BiSS C protocol along with optional digital incremental RS422 or analog 1Vpp outputs.
It supports maximum length up to 60 meters. EMA21 offers IP67 protection against dust and coolants.
Resolutions of 1µm and 5µm with measurement speed of 4m/s @ 1µm.
Ideal choice for robotics, pick and place applications, precise positioning and many more applications.

More details Electronica Mechatronic Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.


POSITAL’s kit encoders are available with BiSS for absolute measurements.

The contact free measurement technology has no moving parts and is highly resistant to shock and vibration.
A built-in self-calibration capability can compensate for small sensor-to-shaft alignment errors.

17 bit electrical resolution and multiturn position measurements with a range of more than one million revolutions.

The energy harvesting system is based on the Wiegand effect and eliminates the need for backup batteries or complex gear systems.
POSITAL‘s kit encoders offer a unique combination of accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency.

More about the BiSS KIT encoder from POSITAL.