The BiSS Protocol Description describes a powerful set of features that are suitable for a wide range of applications. For most applications however, only a subset of features and functionality is required. The following list states these requirements, which are considered as mandatory for successful certification.


  • Suitablity for point-to-point configurations
  • Protocol conformity
  • Compliance with timings (line delay, processing time, timeout)
  • Implemented electronic datasheet (EDS) (Alternatively at least BiSS Profile ID)
  • Implemented unique Manufacturer ID (Contact us for further information)
  • Read access to registers (EDS, BiSS Profile ID, Manufacturer ID)

Further features and functions to enable extended specific applications are described in the BiSS Protocol Description. These additional features are not required for certification. However, if implemented, they are also tested and listed in the Certificate as verified features and functions.

Additional Features:
  • Write access to registers (e.g. for calibration procedures or position preset commands)
  • BiSS protocol commands
  • Suitability for bus configurations (daisy-chained BiSS slave devices)