Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head ALS21

The Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head ALS21 combined with BOGEN‘s magnetic scales offer cost-efficient magnetic measurement solutions for many industrial applications where movements or positions have to be measured. ALS21 can be used for linear measurements up to 8100 mm length with a resolution up to 1 µm. The measuring head provides both BiSS C or SSI outputs, including incremental signal output in parallel. Thanks to IP67 class protection and rugged mechanical design ALS21 can be implemented even in harsh industrial environments.

EMA21 – Absolute Linear Magnetic Encoder

EMA21 is an Absolute Linear Magnetic Encoder, made in India for first time. It supports BiSS-C protocol along with optional digital incremental RS422 or analog 1Vpp outputs. It supports maximum length up to 60 meters. EMA21 offers IP67 protection against dust and coolants.
Resolutions of 1µm and 5µm with measurement speed of 4m/s @ 1µm. ideal choice for robotics, pick and place applications, precise positioning and many more…

LA11 absolute magnetic encoder system

LA11 is an absolute magnetic linear encoder system designed for motion control applications as a position and velocity control loop feedback element. The encoder system is highly reliable due to contactless absolute measuring principle, built-in safety algorithms and high quality materials/components used.

LinACE™ absolute linear shaft encoder

LinACE™ absolute linear shaft encoder
LinACE™ is an extremely robust absolute linear cylindrical encoder system designed for integration into hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical actuators as a feedback element for position/velocity closed loop applications. The encoder module is available for OEM applications. The readhead housing, shaft diameters and shaft end attachment holes are customisable.