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About: Akribis Systems is a global designer and manufacturer of direct drive motors, stages, positioning systems and precision components for a wide range of industries.



ABA-50 is an exposed absolute encoder adopting advanced imaging detection and single-track position recognition technology that operates over a wide voltage range of 3.6V to 14Vdc for various application. Designed in compact size to fit a variety of structures. With its three-color indication light, the encoder can be installed easily and hassle-free. An embedded single track simplifies installation and alignment process.


ABA-20 series is a true absolute encoder systems, with additional sincos signal, thus, no battery is required. The absolute encoder scales with dedicated bar code patterns, offers in both stainless steel and Robax™ scale. Correspond to each bit. Neither the encoder need to memorize nor to search for a reference point, when power recycled. It is especially suitable for linear motor multi-axis moving products, which can still maintain the working condition in the event of an accidental power failure. The encoder allows easy and quick installation thanks to its loose installation tolerances.


The ITF-21-BiSS-MIT signal converter supports any 12-bit to 32-bit BiSS-C absolute encoder compatible with the popular Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo amplifier. Developed through our collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, the ITF-21-BiSS-MIT adapter allows users to take advantage of the high-speed, bidirectional communication supported by both protocols while providing flexibility and a convenient way to use their preferred encoder. The ITF-21-BiSS-MIT adapter is compatible with MR-J4 servo amplifier: MR-J4-_A/B-RJJ021 (Note that resolutions above 27 bits will be capped at 26 bits). The adapter supports both two-wire half duplex and four-wire full duplex Mitsubishi serial communication with LED indicator for debugging purpose. Encoder setting configuration and firmware upgrade can be done via USB-C and PC software.