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Arteson Engineering Services

We specialize in Embedded Engineering services, the linked design and development of electronics and software.

Benefit from more than three decades of experience in industrial, medical, and academic environments, our quality education and a wealth of practical knowledge.

From software modules in C/C++ to devices based on RaspberryPi or BeagleBone, from Assembler to LabView, we develop agile standard-compliant solutions for you.

Know-how is offered for “last meter” bus protocols, such as BISS-C and IO-LINK, both in the software and physical domain.

In the past, we have also developed physical sensors (e.g. acoustic, inductive), including signal processing and data evaluation.

BiSS Certification

Arteson Ingenieure is an engineering service provider authorized by iC-Haus GmbH and BiSS Association e.V. to verify and certificate BiSS devices according to the BiSS Protocol description.