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Absolute Rotary Encoders with BiSS

Absolute rotary encoders with BiSS Interface

  • AR25
  • AR34
  • AK36 / AK36HME1
  • AK58 / AK58HE1
  • AR79
  • AK87HE1
  • AR90
  • AN

LK24 Absolute linear encoder

Photoelectric absolute linear encoder LK24 has measuring length of up to 3.240 mm depending on customer demand, uses SSI or BiSS serial interface and produces up to ±1 µm accuracy. The encoder can have an additional 1Vpp incremental track.

MK Magnetic absolute linear encoder

Magnetic absolute linear encoder MK has measuring length of up to 50.000 mm, accuracy can reach up to ±35 μm. The encoder has two versions of serial interface – SSI or BiSS C, but optionally it can have 2 analog sinusoidal signals with phase shift 90°C and amplitude approx. 1Vpp .