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The RZ/T1 Group has the Arm® Cortex®-R4 Processor with FPU core, which was designed for real-time processing, and is capable of high-speed operation at up to 600 MHz. Furthermore, access does not need to be performed via cache memory, and tightly-coupled memory capable of definitive real-time response processing is built-in, enabling high-speed access from the CPU without passing through the cache memory. RZ/T1 devices that are equipped with a built-in Renesas R-IN engine (“R-IN engine”), an accelerator for industrial Ethernet communications, can perform industrial Ethernet processing without loss of real-time performance by Hardware RTOS (HW-RTOS) RZ/T1 devices that are equipped with a configurable absolute encoder interface are perfectly suited for precision motion control applications. The range of industry standards that are supported by the configurable encoder interface includes EnDat2.2, BiSS®-C, A-format™, Tamagawa and HIPERFACE® DSL.



RZ/T2M is an Industry-leading high-performance multi-function MPU that realizes high-speed processing and high precision control required for industrial equipment such as AC servos and Industrial motors. Powered by dual Arm® Cortex®-R52 cores with a maximum frequency of 800MHz for real-time control and embedded with a large tightly coupled memory (576KB) directly connected to the CPU to realize high-performance real-time processing. RZ/T2M enables low latency access by arranging the peripherals for motor control to the LLPP (Low Latency Peripheral Port) that is directly connected to the CPU. RZ/T2M has a multi-protocol encoder interface that supports various absolute encoder protocols such as A-format™, EnDat, and BiSS®. Additionally, RZ/T2M has a 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch supporting the TSN standard and EtherCAT slave controller. Eventually, RZ/T2M realizes high speed and highly precise motor control and industrial Ethernet communication such as EtherCAT, PROFINET RT/IRT and EtherNet/IP by single chip.