CompactPCI multifunction counter board CPCI-1710

The CompactPCI multifunction counter board CPCI-1710 is a fast multifunction and multi-channel counter board for use in the harsh industrial environment.
It is equipped with 4 programmable function modules. The following functions can be selected individually for each function module: Incremental counter, SSI synchronous serial interfaces, counter/timer, pulse acquisition, frequency , pulse width , period duration, velocity measurement, PWM, BiSS-Master, digital inputs and outputs, etc. The board is suitable for applications such as event counting, position acquisition, motion control, batch counting, …
64-bit drivers for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Linux as well as programming samples are included, real-time drivers for Windows and Linux are available on request.



Available functions:

  • Incremental counter
  • SSI synchronous serial interfaces
  • Counter/timer
  • Pulse acquisition
  • Frequency, pulse width, period duration, velocity measurement
  • PWM
  • BiSS-Master
  • digital inputs and outputs
  • Function selection through software
  • Optical isolation
  • MTBF: 54 287 hours at 45 °C
  • TTL, RS422, 24 V
  • Customised functions