BiSS Line Interface Master/Slave with RS485 Transceiver

iC-BL aims at motion control and sensor applications and eases the implementation of the BiSS Line protocol as a one-cable technology into any device and platform. Using a single cable with 2 or 4 wires, robust data and power transmission is obtained according to the BiSS Line protocol description. This includes the master and slave operation with fast cyclic data transmission, bidirectional register communication, as well as data protection by Forward Error Correction (FEC).
For data exchange with sensors, actuators, and controllers, a variety of interfaces are embedded: masters for BiSS C, SPI, and I²C. Additionally, an SPI slave interface for access with an external controller is available. Integrated RS485 transceivers enable point-to-point and bus applications with a constant BiSS Line bit rate of 12.5 MHz. The internal voltage generator outputs a selectable sensor supply of 2.5 V, 3.3 V, or 5 V.