SPI-TO-BiSS Bridge with RS422 Transceiver

iC-MCB is a BiSS slave bridging iC to implement BiSS slave functionality into any sensor technology and platform. BiSS sensor implementations are possible, downgrading to SSI operation is also possible. Full BiSS C protocol functionality including single cycle data (SCD) for sensors (SCDS) and control communication for commands and register access and BiSS bus structures. Timing critical protocol response is handled directly by the iC-MCB and relieves the host microcontroller. The host microcontroller configures and controls the iC-MCB via SPI interface. iC-MCB can access and control various sensors directly by the Fast Sensor Interface on the I/O crossbar. The integrated RS422 transceiver enables BiSS point-to-point encoder applications with a maximum clock rate of 10 MHz.