High-Resolution Optical Reflective Absolute Encoder.

iC-PZ is a reflective, compact, high-resolution, absolute encoder for reflective code discs (ø26 mm with iC-PZ2656) and linear scales (max. 6.71m with iC-PZ205). The miniature oQFN32 5×5 package contains a monolithic HD Phased Array with excellent signal matching. This system-on-chip design with an embedded blue LED provides an excellent reliability based on the EncoderBlue® technology. The FlexCount® interpolation covers any arbitrary ABZ resolution and also the UVW commutation signals range from 1 to 32 CPR (for motors of up to 32 pole pairs). The LED power is controlled for constant illumination (sine square or sum control). The on chip absolute singleturn resolution of 22 bits (ø26 mm) via built-in interpolation. With the on-chip automatic signal adjustment simplify the calibration in production and in place mounting. Calibration and configuration are stored in an external I²C EEPROM. For digital protocols BiSS, SSI, and SPI are supported, analog outputs are also configurable. A temperature detection and monitoring is on chip available. With the absolute data interface (ADI) external multiturn sensors can be connected.