IP Module Support

You are welcome to apply for the BiSS Device Mfgr License Agreement to benefit from free IP modules supporting your BiSS Interface designs. Check out the list below for a draft of IP examples available.
Customized version are on request and extra fee.

VHDL Modules
1. BiSS Interface Master MB101X with 16 parallel controller interface
2. BiSS Interface Master MB1XX (customized VHDL Modules on request and extra fee)
3. BiSS Interface Slave MC103
4. BiSS Interface Slave M1XX (customized VHDL Modules on request and extra fee)

Abstract Models for Simulations only
5. BiSS Interface Master MB200 (testbench, ideal for simulation issues)
6. BiSS Interface Slave MC200 (testbench, ideal for simulation issues)

Library For Software Development
7. BiSS Interface DLL (vairety of PC BiSS adapters, useable on VBA, C/C++, LabVIEW,..)
8. BiSS Interface Master MB302 (preliminary) BiSS C implementation on PIC18F452

BiSS Device Mfgr ID and Slave Description
9. Registered unique BiSS Device Manufacturer ID (BDM ID)
10. Slave Identifier File (XML device characterization)