Elmo Platinum Maestro Motion Controller


The Platinum Maestro Exhibits Cutting Edge Motion Control Technologies, Fast & Simple Machine’s Development Process, Stable Throughput, Lasting Reliability and high Competitiveness. The Platinum Maestro Motion Controller incorporates an integral high-level computational multi-core system with limitless memory (RAM, ROM, and SD-Card), and onboard additional hardware peripherals. Extremely efficient and certified EtherCAT networking with cycle time down to 100µs afford precise and fast machine motion.


  • Full Compatibility with the GOLD Maestro.
  • Advance Multi-axis control, smart motion blending, superimposed motions, real-time updates of target positions, 1D, 2D, 3D high resolution error mapping, ECAM, smart Gearing, High Order Polynomial motion segment and trajectories buildup, PVT, PT, and spline profiling’s will execute any multi-axis motion scenario with high precision and with fastest response.
  • “Motion without Programming” using Structural Smart building Blocks (IEC61138 and CPP) allows fast, easy and most efficient realization of machine’s complex functionalities
  • Enhanced Field Bus Support including: EtherCAT, Master with Full redundancy support, EtherCAT Slave Network supporting for Network Bridging capabilities. Standard CAN Open Network Support
  • More and Faster External Communication Options: Fast Host 10/100/1000 (Giga Bit) Ethernet, USB Device connectivity (480 Mbps) to allow Host computers operate via USB bus USB 3 Host connectivity (5 Gbps) to allow fast devices access (e.g. external cameras)
  • Hardware video support for HMI Panels (HDMI connectivity)
  • Enhanced HW Connectivity, On-board very large CPLD hardware with unlimited hardware interfaces which can be supported via a dedicated option Board connectivity (Serial ports/ encoders/ A2D/ D2A etc.)
  • Real Time Clock Option (battery backup)
  • Software Performance Enhancements including Real Time, Multi-Core process optimization for maximizing system’s performances. Deterministic User programing based on Real Time Programming, and Multi- Tasking for both IEC-61131-3 and C++.Additional EtherCAT functionalities: Network health management, Network Redundancy, Aliasing, Bridge support. Further enhancing the support for Third party devices.
  • Self-sufficient machine motion control - No reliance on connection with PC server. Connect HDMI video screen connector and go.