The ITF-21-BiSS-MIT signal converter supports any 12-bit to 32-bit BiSS-C absolute encoder compatible with the popular Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo amplifier. Developed through our collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, the ITF-21-BiSS-MIT adapter allows users to take advantage of the high-speed, bidirectional communication supported by both protocols while providing flexibility and a convenient way to use their preferred encoder. The ITF-21-BiSS-MIT adapter is compatible with MR-J4 servo amplifier: MR-J4-_A/B-RJJ021 (Note that resolutions above 27 bits will be capped at 26 bits). The adapter supports both two-wire half duplex and four-wire full duplex Mitsubishi serial communication with LED indicator for debugging purpose. Encoder setting configuration and firmware upgrade can be done via USB-C and PC software.